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What is LED illumination?

LED illumination, RGB, panel mount or PCB push button switches available.

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Question: What is LED illumination?

LED used today are 1,000 times more efficient than they were in 1962.

LED (light. Emitting. Diode) are electronic components which emit light. LEDs are energy efficient meaning they typically consume very low amounts of power, whilst giving a significant lumen output. LED commonly use low power consumption, thus low heat generation and have extremely long service life of 30,000 to 100,000 hours.

LEDs are used in many objects, for domestic and commercial use. LEDs are used to either add light/illumination to spaces, emphasis space or objects, imagery and/or signposts.

We offer different types of illumination:

RGB – Red, Green, Blue

Single Colour: component only displays single colour LED and when illuminated usually indicates the device is operational or signals fault.

Dual/ Bi-Colour- component that allows two colours in a single LED while only having two pins., signpost change from operation and non-operational.


Our LED switches are available as  range of PCB, LED tactiles switches.

Or view our range of Panel mount range of LED indicators & pilot lights. 

What about our full range of RGB switches & RGB LEDs ?

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Did you know that our push button switches can be customised?

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