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What is a push button switch?

push button metal plastic LED illumination custom switch

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Question: What is a push button switch?

A push-button (also spelled pushbutton) or simply button is a mechanical button that operates a device, requires to be pushed/touched in order to open and/or close switch contacts. Push button switches are typically made from plastic and metal, supporting a momentary or latching function. Momentary function is when the push button actuator springs back when pushed down. Latching function is when the push button actuator stays down until pressed again to return to its original state.
Push button switches can be mounted on a PCB or  panel mounted. Many of the panel mounted switches are IP65/ IP67 which means that the switches can withstand dirt, sand, dust and are waterproof.*
RJS1N1LP range – are low profile micro-travel push button switches, with a travel of <0.5mm to activate and are available with/ without ring LED illumination.

Many of our push button switches can be customised, supporting a range of finishes, etching, LED illumination and symbols. When inquiring about our products, don’t forget to find out how we can help support your design.


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*Waterproof – our products IP65/IP67 sealed, the front of the push button switch is waterproof unless stated the entire product is.