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What are LED Indicators?

the 411 with RJS Electronics, explaining all things about indicators.

The 411 with RJS.

Question: What are LED Indicators?


LED indicators (light-emitting diode) is a semiconductor that illuminates when an electrical charge passes through it. LEDs are commonly green, amber or red (RGB); but can also be many other colours.

Indicators and Pilot indicators are illuminated switches available in metal and plastic, support a wide range of LED colours. Indicators and pilot indicators are used to flash or signal for warning or operation of the function.

LED indicators are used to indicate if a device is operational or simply if something is wrong.

RGB – Red, Green, Blue

Single Colour: component only displays single colour LED and when illuminated usually indicates the device is operational or signals fault.

Bi-Colour- component that allows two colours in a single LED while only having two pins., signpost change from operation and non-operational.


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