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December 2018

Check out our Products of the Month! LCD Switch [ RJSSLB-Z] Key features:
  • SLB full-colour TFT rotary encoder with push button switch.
  • You can programmable the display picture/video the switch combination with rotary encoder and push button the all in the one-panel controller.
  • This is used for Audio Video broadcasting
If you would like more information on this product, call us: +44(0)1234 213600 or e-mail us; The ‘Low Profile Metal switch with micro travel’ [RJS1N1LP]’. Key Features:
  • Micro travel ≤ 0.5mm easy to press switch actuator.
  • Available in panel cut out sizes 12mm – 25mm.
  • Supplied in Ring LED illumination (with the internal resistor for 5/12/24V!) or can be without LED (non-illuminated).
  • Low profile behind panel depth of (max) 14mm means that this series of switches can fit into many more products that have space constraints behind the panel.
Find this product: Read more about this product on Download the product Pdf: RJS1N1LP Micro travel Switches 2019 Illuminated Navigation Switch: [RJSSF66BA-Z ] Key features:
  • Navigation switches
  • Laser engraving cap service
  • SPI/ Connector/ 0.5mm
  • 9 Keys Programmable illuminated Navigation Switches
  • The SF66BA is serial-interfaced push-switch provides microprocessors with up to 9 keys. Each key be configured as a push-pull logic output capable of sinking 10mA of LED at 3V
  • The SF66BA is controlled through an SPI-compatible 4-wire serial interface, only need 6-pin connectors to use.
This is used for the Automotive, instrumentation. If you would like more information on this product, call us: +44(0)1234 213600 or e-mail us; See all our product range on Have you looked at out clearance offers? Find them here: Still can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us on +44 (0)1234 213600 or e-mail us at: